Respiratory Ventilator T7 for Emergency & Transportation

This product is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • High-end ventilator for emergency and transportation

  • Color touchscreen for simpler operation and navigation

  • O2 monitoring system integrated into the main unit

  • Easy to install, configure, adjust and extend modules in real situations

This product is not approved by Health Canada

The T7 Emergency and Transport Ventilator adopts the cutting-edge technology of the O2 monitoring system integrated into the main unit which makes it much efficient, more accurate and more time-saving than the traditional O2 sensor which requires the second time plug-in.

T7 Model Characteristics
Function Items Model Configuration
IPPV ( or VCV, Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation) Standard
V-A/C ( Volume— Assist / control ) Standard
V-S I M V ( Volume Control — Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) Standard
P CV ( Pressure Controlled Ventilation) Standard
P-A/C ( Pressure—Assist / control ) Standard
P -S I M V ( Pressure Control— Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation) Standard
CPAP ( Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) Standard
C PA P+PSV ( CPAP + Pressure Support Ventilation) Optional
Ventilation mode
BiPPV ( Bi—Level Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation) Optional
APRV ( Airway Pressure Release Ventilation) Optional
PRVC (Pressure Regulated Volume Control) Optional
P RV C + PSV (PRVC + Pressure Support Ventilation) Optional
B i P PV+PSV (BiPPV + Pressure Support Ventilation) Optional
CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Optional
Other functions
RSA ( Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia ) Optional
EtCO2 ( End—Tidal CO2) Optional

Ventilator Control Parameters
Control Parameters Items Model T7
Respiratory frequency Adjusting range 0,1~bpm-120bpm
Adjusting step length 1 bpm
Accuracy ±1 Bpm or ±5%
Inspiration/expiration ratio Adjusting range 59:1-1:99
Adjusting step length 0,1
Accuracy 4:1-1:4 range±10%
Tidal volume Adjusting range 20mL-2500mL
Adjusting step length 5mL
Accuracy ±15m1 or ±15%
Oxygen concentration Adjusting range 40%,100%
Adjusting step length 10%
Accuracy ±10%(v/v)
Suction pressure Adjusting range 3cmH20 —60cm H 20
Adjusting step length 1cmH20
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or ±10%
Limited airway pressure Adjusting range 15cmH20-70cmH20
Adjusting step length 1cmH20
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±10%
Trigger pressure Adjusting range -20cmH20-20cmH20
Adjusting step length 1 cmH2O
Accuracy ±1cmH20 or±10%
Continuous positive airway pressure/ positive end-expiratory pressure CPAP/PEEP Adjusting range 0cmH20-30cmH20
Adjusting step length 1 cmH2O
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±10%
Pressure support Adjusting range 0,3cmH20-35cmH20
Adjusting step length 1 cmH2O
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±1 0%
Trigger flow Adjusting range 1L/min-15L/min
Adjusting step length 1 L/min
Accuracy ±1 L/min or±15%
Pause time ratio Adjusting range 0%-80 %
Adjusting step length 5%
Accuracy 10%
Pressure increase time Adjusting range 0.1s-2s
Adjusting step length 0.1s
Accuracy ±0.2s or±20%
Expiration trigger sensitivity Adjusting range 5%-80 %
Adjusting step length 5%
Accuracy 15%
Oxygen inhalation flow rate Adjusting range 2L/min-30L/min
Adjusting step length 1 L/min
Accuracy ±1 L/min or±1 5%

Other Performance Indicators
Items Model T7
Max. ventilation flow rate 150L/min(@450kPa)
Sigh ventilation function When setting the SIGH function, the tidal volume of sigh ventilation shall be 1.5-2.5 times of the tidal volume preset
Inspiration/expiration resistance When the flow is 30L/min and 60L/min  respectively, inspiration/expiration resistance shall be no more than 6cmH2O
Spontaneous respiration resistance When the flow is 1 5L/min and3OL/min   respectively, inspiration resistance shall be no more than6cmH2O
Inspiration safety valve When ventilator is powered off or out of gas, the patient may breath the fresh air through the safety valve
Air circuit system safety pressure Air circuit maximum safety pressure no more than 1 OOcmH2O
CPR  ventilation function CPR operation/prompt function supported
RSA ventilation function RSA ventilation function supported
Manual ventilation function /
System noise 65dB(A)
Multilingual Switch Multilingual operation interface is switchable via menu.
Battery Working hours 10 hours
Leakage Compensation Yes
Screen 7"  TET color screen Resolution:800x480 pixels With resistor type touch screen, 4 quick access touch buttons
Operation Languages available English, Spanish, French, German
Power Specifications Power adapter Input voltage: 100-240V— Input frequency: 50-60Hz Input Current: 0.7-1.5A


Ventilator alarm parameters
Alarm parameters   Items T7 Model
Upper limit of minute ventilation Setting Range 1L/min-120L/min
Alarm level High
Lower limit of minute ventilation Setting Range 0L/min-119L/min
Alarm level High
Upper limit of airway pressure Setting Range 15cmH20-70cmH20
Alarm level High
Lower limit of airway pressure Setting Range 0cnnH20-60cmH20
Alarm level High
Respiratory frequency alarm Upper limit Setting Range 10bpnn--125bpm
Alarm level Medium
Lower limit Setting Range 0bpm-115bpm
Alarm level Medium
Suffocation alarm time Setting Range 5-60 s
Alarm level High
Upper limit of tidal volume Setting Range 50mL--3000m1
Alarm level Medium
Lower limit of tidal volume Setting Range 0mL-2400m1
Alarm level Medium
Upper limit of Et-0O2 Setting Range 1 mmHg-1 50mmHg
Alarm level High
Lower limit of Et-CO, Setting Range 0mmHg-149mmHg
Alarm level High
Gas supply pressure alarm Gas supply pressure low Alarm voice Gas supply pressure below 270 kPa
Alarm level Medium
Gas supply pressure high Alarm voice Gas supply pressure higher than 600kPa
Alarm level High
No gas supply pressure Alarm voice Gas supply pressure below 70 kPa
Alarm level High
System power supply alarm Adapters falling off Alarm voice Adapter fails to be connected
Alarm level Medium
Low battery Alarm voice Minimum work time between alarm and shutdown is 20min
Alarm level Medium
Insufficient battery capacity Alarm voice Battery level is running out
Alarm level High
Respiratory system integrity alarm Alarm voice in different alarm levels When respiratory circuit is off, ventilator shall within 3 respiratory cycles, trigger the "Respiratory System Fails to Connect Alarm", and give off the voice prompt of "Check Respiratory System & Settings". High level
Mute alarm Period <120s


Other Ventilator Performance Indicators
Monitoring parameters Items T7 Model
Respiratory frequency Monitoring range 0bpm-120bpm
Accuracy ±1 Bpm or ±5%
Tidal volume Monitoring range OmL-3000mL
Accuracy ±15rnL or±15%
Minute ventilation Monitoring range OL/min-120L/min
Accuracy ±0.5L/min or±1 5%
Oxygen concentration Monitoring range 40%-100 %
Accuracy ±10%(v/v)
Airway pressure Monitoring range -100cmH20-20cmH20
Accuracy ±2cmH20 or±1 0%
Et-CO2 Monitoring range 0mmHg-150mmHg
Accuracy (0-40 mmHg)±2mmHg;
(41-70 mmHg):±5%; (71-100 mmHg):±8%;
(101-150 mmHg)±10%
Wave display Pressure waveform Display pressure time waveform
Flow waveform Display flow time waveform
Volume waveform Display volumetric time waveform
Ring diagram display P-V Ring Display pressure volume ring 
P-V Ring Display flow volume ring diagram
P-V Ring Display flow pressure ring diagram

2.603.00039 Main Unit
2.603.00042 Standard accessory package
5.001.00033 Big hook for silicon mask
5.001.00035 Reusable siliicon mask for adult /4#
5.001.00037 Silicon headgear (for adult)
2.609.00021 Power adapter (EU Standard)
1.124.00001 Power cable
2.601.00046 Air source hose(Eight years life time)
2.603.00028 Battery
2.603.00031 Reusable respiratory circuit Adult (180 times)
2.603.00036 Flow sensor for adult
10.001.00022 Optional accessory package
1.124.00005 Power cable
2.609.00020 Power adapter (US Standard)
2.603.00031 P Reusable respiratory circuit Pediatric (180 times)
2.603.00030 Disposable respiratory hose
5.000.00168 Test lung (1L)
5.001.00034 Reusable siliicon mask for child /3#
5.001.00046 Reusable siliicon mask for child/2#
2.603.00037 Reusable Flow sensor for newborn (180 times)
5.001.00049 Tracheal intubation tube for adult/7#
5.000.00674 Tracheal intubation tube for adult/8#
5.000.00675 Tracheal intubation tube for adult/9#
1.205.00080 Disposable filter (HME)
2.603.00040 T7 Transport Platform (Includes the stretcher adaptor)
2.601.00029 Transport Carrying Case Package (Model ()(Includes the stretcher adaptor)
1.205.00061 Oxygen Regulator
1.205.00072 Preoxide Bridge
2.613.00001 Carrying case (bag only)
5.001.00011 2.5L Oxygen Tank/Aluminium CGA870
2.606.00017 Ambulance connection cable
10.001.00063 ETCO2 module
5.000.00452 Mainstream CO2 module
5.000.00453 Adult adapter (disposable)
5.000.00454 Newborn adapter (disposable)
5.000.00457 Cable fixing slot