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Respiratory Ventilator Vivo

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  • For paedriatic (>10 kg) and adult use.

  • Target Volume stabilizes tidal volume delivery

  • Appropriate for invasive and non-invasive use

  • eSync feature for synchronized breath delivery

This product is not approved by Health Canada

  • Designed for use at Home or in the Hospital

  • Large, easy-to-read display with simple menu structure

  • Designed for a wide range of masks

A device you can trust The Vivo ventilators are well trusted by patients and care givers as proven by more than 30,000 units sold worldwide. The Vivo 40*

provides both invasive and non-invasive support in PSV, PCV and CPAP mode. The adult and pediatric modes allow Vivo 40 to be used by a wide range of patients.

Thanks to eSync*, the highly responsive trigger technology, the Vivo 40 synchronizes smoothly with the patient’s breathing effort, leading to lower the work of breathing and higher the level of comfort.

The Target Volume feature aims

for a stable tidal volume by auto- matically adapting the inspiratory

pressure to the lung mechanics of the patient. Target Volume combines the comfort and technical advantages of pressure ventilation with the ease of use of volume ventilation.

To ensure excellent control of the treatment, there are many ways to adapt the settings to the need of the individual patient. Apart from IPAP and EPAP, also rise time, trigger sensitivity and optional minimal and maximal Inspiratory Time can be set. The maximum pressure is 40 cm H2

O which allows for the treatment of challenging

restrictive conditions.