Sony ASP-ICX205AL-ODM Board Camera

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Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • 1.4 Mega pixel resolution
  • 1/2 inch CCD size
  • Monochrome
  • Resolution: 1360H x 1024V

We offer ODM/OEM custom board design to control any type of sensor CCD or CMOS contact us for details.

Sony ASP-ICX205AL Board Camera
CCD chip manufacturer Sony
CCD chip model ASP-ICX204AL
CCD scan mode Progress
CCD size 1/2 inch
Pixels 4.65micron x 4.65micron
G sensitive 450mV
Resolution 1360H x 1024V
Filter Mono
Lens interface Standard C-mount
Maximum fps

12.5 fps (1360 x 1024)

15 fps (680 x 520)

Low-speed readout ok
A/D conversion 12bit
Exposure control automatic, manual
Exposure time 0.1ms-60minute
Angle light control yes
White balance automatic, manual
Parameter image size, bright, gain, exposure, RGB
Data interface USB2.0/48Mb/s
USB cable 2.5meter
USB power supply USB2.0
Operational temperature 0-60oC
Operational humidity 45%-85%
Storage temperature -20-70oC