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X-Light Confocal Attachment

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    • Double-hole pattern spinning disk, on same physical disk
    • Fast stepping motor spinning disk unit with standard 70 micron holes Nipkow disk (up to 18.000 rpm - on request -, 10.000 rpm standard speed)
    • Integrated touch panel (disk IN-OUT, dichroic wheel position -#1 -#2 -#3, 40-microns holes, 70-microns holes selector)
    • Fast disk IN-OUT stepping motor (Widefield / Confocal imaging)

    Introducing our cost effective X-Light Confocal attachment

    Additional Features

    • Motorized three position dichroic filter wheel with fast stepping motor
    • Manual three position emission filter wheel (fast stepping motor automation as option)
    • Male c-mount thread for excitation filter wheel and/or for c-threaded adapter tube for excitation source (laser/lamp) and motorized excitation wheel (Sutter, Prior, Ludl)
    • Serial USB 2.0 communication port
    • Serial RS232 communication port (as option)
    • Carv2Pilot system software for standard system operations
    • Made in Italy



    • Double hole pattern spinning disk, on same physical disk

    • High density hole patterns, with Nipkow design

    • 40 micron holes (for objective NA<1)

    • 70 micron holes (for objective NA>1)

    • Anti-Reflection coated spinning disk for highest throughput on the market

    • Fast spinning disk 10.000 rpm; up to 18.000 on custom request

    • Up to 1420 frame/s (tested with CMOS High Speed Systems)

    • Custom hole patterns are available for dedicated applications (90-120 days delivery), from receipt of customer specification/pattern     geometrical description

    • Excitation Gimbal mount for easy alignment on custom microscope setup and for best S/N

    • LED and Laser excitation mounts for high efficiency coupling

    • Motorized Dichroic three position Filter Wheel (Five positions on custom request)

    • Manual four position Emission Wheel

    • Easy Slide IN/OUT filter mount for fast filters exchange

    • C-mount thread on excitation and emission ports for motorized filter-wheels easy mount

    • Built-in FRAP mirrors and aperture for upcoming CrEST FRAP module or existing customer FRAP system  

    • CCD operation during FRAP sample laser scanning: suitable for laser scanning image acquisition and laser optical tweezing

    • Large 1” x 1” Field of View for new sCMOS confocal imaging (on single hole pattern disk)

    • CCD focal plane easy focusing without moving the CCD Camera

    • Adapter for Multimode Laser FC/PC and/or SMA-905 fiber excitation

    • Adapter for LUMENCOR LEDs Light Source